About me

If you think hard enough, sometimes the work is easier.


My primary work for the past six years has been building UIs and APIs for payments.
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UI programming models
I believe it is still possible to improve how we work together to build UIs.
Web UI engineering
Diagram visualizing the Preact lifecycle Preact in Pictures is a talk that explains the core virtual dom diffing algorithm. The Preact Internals series discusses helpers, the component model, and DOM diffing.
Types: I spent much of 2017 thinking about how types can help UI programming. I wrote up some now-old advice on ADTs and exhaustiveness.
Slide with stylized network waterfall discussing site performance best practices The new fast was a talk on web performance techniques that were fairly new in 2017 thanks to new browser standards.
React/Om: I was an early adopter and (slight) contributor to React and Om, a ClojureScript wrapper for it. See my 2014 talk on React + Om (a ClojureScript wrapper for React) and a 2014 experience report on working with Om.


Open-source and volunteering
Screenshot of Reading Japanese Literature blog page Read Japanese Literature is a podcast and blog run by my partner, Alison. I help with the website and sound design.
Pyret is an in-browser programming language and environment for use in the Bootstrap curriciulum. In 2020 and ’21, I updated their IDE to be shinier, faster, and easier to use.
Federated Wiki is a new, personal version of the wiki being developed by Ward Cunningham. In 2011, I collaborated with him to design and build the core UI paradigm that still powers it today.